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Male/female relationships: How are Venus and Mars getting on?

Up until September 9th is an interesting time for relationships between the sexes. Venus represents the feminine and Mars the masculine and both are together in the sign of Leo, according to Jyotish astrology. This conjunction means a lot of cosmic focus on male/female relationships. At the same time, the Sun is also sitting in Leo and will add its own influence. The Sun feels comfortable [...]

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How did Trump deal with a debilitated Mars?

On 25 June in my article “A time of Fire and Water – a debilitating mixture for the world” I said that from June 22nd until Aug 9th Mars would transit the sign of Cancer. Mars is a fire planet and Cancer a water sign – these two elements don’t mix well. Mars is debilitated when it is in Cancer and unable to express its true nature. [...]

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