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Prince Charles and the monsters of fear, slander and malice

In my reading for Prince Charles, I see him in danger of becoming a possible scapegoat for the present troubles surrounding the Royal Family. The monster of fear. Trouble, strife, and conflict surrounds you. You may feel bullied by someone who you see as arrogant and overbearing, Your conscious thoughts are about how you could show how you feel. You're not afraid to express your emotions but [...]

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The Queen must trust her instincts in these difficult times

The new role that Harry and Meghan have proposed for themselves has rocked the rest of the Royal Family. Here is my reading for the Queen in this difficult time: So many choices, so much confusion!! You will be receiving all sorts of well-meaning advice that just confuses you all the more. In these situations you just need to trust your intuition and instincts. You must keep [...]

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What Meghan wants, Meghan gets?

The recent decision by Prince Harry and Meghan to seemingly become semi-detatched Royals has astonished the world. I decided to do a reading for them to get an insight into what is going on. Prince Harry's reading: Turmoil and upset has rocked your world. This is not an easy time for you. You could be relying on others a little more than you should be at this [...]

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