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Stonehenge: A ‘Nightingale Hospital’ for an ancient pandemic?

Could Stonehenge have originally been a healing centre, built to combat the 'Coronavirus (COVID-19)' pandemic of its time? Not far from the famous Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England, are the remains of a woodhenge - a wooden circular structure, that was built around the same time. In fact there is evidence that a structure similar to Woodhenge may have stood at the centre of Stonehenge before the great [...]

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UK Coronavirus reading for April and May

The conjunction and eclipses which occurred last Christmas were the seeds of the present Coronavirus pandemic. Here is the reading I made at the time. 'This conjunction can be taken as a major landmark. Everything has come full circle and a new stage of the journey begins for the world. There will be an increase in clarity and spiritual growth. We will begin to see where we have [...]

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