The French “culture war”, the yellow vest protestors and the fire at Notre Dame, all seem to exemplify the current incendiary mixture of planetary influences. Could this herald the start of a new French Revolution?

LVMH owner Bernard ArnaultSuper-rich donations cause anger

Following the near destruction of Notre Dame, French billionaires, such as LVMH owner Bernard Arnault, pledged hundreds of millions to re-build the cathedral. Yet the scale and speed of these donations has prompted “an outpouring of anger” from the yellow vest protestors, as well as from the Left.

They see such generosity as exposing the vast inequalities present in French society and contrast the tax breaks the wealthy get for such contributions, with the falling living standards of the low-paid.

While the French government say they lacked the resources to pay for measure that will benefit the low-paid, money came pouring in for a cathedral. Huge donations came from those who have benefited most from tax breaks available for the rich.

An explosive mix of influences

According to Jyotish Astrology predictions, the huge financial divide between the rich and the rest of French society will come increasingly under the spotlight. There will be strong pressures for social change and fiscal justice will become a central issue.

The planetary influences that will bring about this pressure for change are:

  • Two potentially troublesome planets, Ketu and Saturn, which are presently sitting in the sign of Sagittarius.
  • Ketu is naturally exalted when it is in Sagittarius, meaning that it is having a particularly strong and potential malefic influence.
  • Saturn is about to go retrograde (appear to travel backwards) and its influence will grow in strength. Saturn is associated with the paying back of what is due.
  • Sagittarius is a fire sign and having two malefic planets sitting within its borders is a combustible mix – think of two sociopathic kids in a firework factory with a box of matches.

Sagittarius the archerSaturn, Ketu and Sagittarius

Saturn’s nature is slow moving and hard working. Its colour is blue, and it represents blue-collar working people.

Ketu represents the rank and file, the foot soldiers of society. Its influence can result in people losing their heads, an inability to think clearly and a tendency to preform acts of hooliganism and violence.

By nature, Sagittarius is highly energetic and full of action and initiative. Its positive influence brings sincerity, honesty, frankness, love of justice, generosity, perseverance and dependable. Its negative side is boisterousness overconfidence, rashness, changeability, aggression and defiance.

The lord of Sagittarius is Jupiter, the judge. Sagittarius is therefore the place where Jupiter does its work of bring about natural justice.

Why may these cosmic influences result in revolutionary changes to an economic system?

Justitia statue, FrankfurtJustice for the common people

The effects of a retrograde and strong Saturn in Sagittarius will be that working-class people feel:

  • they are being cheated of what is rightfully theirs
  • the economic status quo has prevented them from improving their lot
  • they want change now and are not willing to wait.

The basic motivation behind the yellow vest protests is both social and fiscal justice and this motivation is promoted by Saturn being in the house of Sagittarius.

An exalted Ketu has already created stress and intense pressure in the minds of those who see themselves as disenfranchised. The result has been frustration and outbreaks of violence on the streets.

Unless real change comes about, this situation will continue throughout the coming months.

Marie Antoinette illustration

Will we learn from history?

During a famine that occurred during the reign of her husband, Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette heard that the peasants had no bread. Her often quoted remark was, “Let them eat cake”. Whether she actually said these words or not, this utterance became a symbol of the total ignorance and lack of care that the aristocracy had for the plight of those they were supposed to protect.

In a similar way, the enormous re-building donations given by France’s present-day aristocrats, is seen by many to highlight the vast gulf between the super-rich and rest of the French population.

Marie Antoinette’s destiny is well known. The guillotine was the ‘mob’ justice of her day. Let’s hope that our modern-day aristocrats and politicians can learn from history.

Shani (Saturn)
Shani (Saturn)

Shani (Saturn)

Ketu (South Node)

Ketu (South Node)

Shani (Saturn)