The other day I started feeling out of sorts, so I decided to look at what was happening in the heavens.

According to Jyotish astrology, from June 22nd until Aug 9th Mars transits the sign of Cancer. What does this mean and what influence will this transit have?

  • Mars is a fire planet and Cancer is a watery sign and these two elements do not mix well.
  • Cancer is the sign in which Mars is debilitated, and so is not able to express its true nature.
  • Mars represents energy and drive so both can be in short supply during this period.

During the coming weeks, while Mars is transiting though Cancer it will effectively be in a place where the planet feels very edgy and uncomfortable. Imagine an aggressive person being forced to be somewhere that makes them feel tense – it’s not a happy combination and can result in violent outbursts. Accidents and burns are more likely during this time, so greater vigilance is advised.

How will this affect the US?

I then did a reading for the influence this present transit is having on the US:

  • You may feel like you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders or taking on everybody else’s problems. There is just too much going on.
  • An ill-considered choice and the discarding of meaningful offers. You feel the need to go it alone. There is an instinct to put your own needs first. This is not a time when people want to reach out to others, even allies.
  • Forceful events are about to take you by storm. There will be pointless misfortune that you may find difficult to cope with. A leader who shows vulnerability and may exhibit destructive behaviour. Compromise is the key to dealing with the situation.
  • There is a need to curb an acquisitive streak in your nature.
  • Frustration in creative projects. Celebrations can be delayed. A leader who will not listen without prejudice.
  • There is no way you can avoid confronting this situation.
  • Feeling overwhelmed by the past. Obstinacy and a refusal to face certain problems that you know have been partly created by your own attitude. Resist the temptation to display anger and resentment.

What about the UK?

My next reading was for the UK, which is presently facing huge political and economic changes:

  • Perhaps you are demonstrating your values in superficial ways.
  • Home is where the heart is – there is a need to protect yourself. There is a need to be in charge and have power over all that you survey. Whatever it is you are hoping and wishing for, you are in it for the long term.
  • Success, yet the danger of unreasonable force or pressure.
  • Oppression and restriction.
  • Endings: A landmark is reached. A key move in terms of your lifestyle. One chapter of your life is closing. Now it is time for the next adventure.
  • Temper tantrums abound. Childish behaviour as people put their own needs first.