Elisabeth LenaghElisabeth’s training

Elisabeth studied at The College of Homeopathy in London from 1988 to 1992 and has practiced Homeopathy ever since.

In 2003 Elisabeth trained in the Vedic tradition of Jyotish Astrology. She studied Jyotish full-time for almost 2 years under PVR Narasimha Rao, a pupil of the renowned Pandit Sanjay Rath. There are many different traditions of Jyotish Astrology and Elisabeth believes that Pandit Rath’s system is particularly effective in predicting future events in a person’s life.

Refining her perception

In 1995 Elisabeth took up the practice of meditation and found this helped promote and refine her intuitive faculty. This aided in her homeopathic practice and in her Jyotish readings.

Around 2015 something new started developing within Elisabeth that she now calls the Oracle. She found she could mentally ask herself any question and get an immediate answer. These answer come up as an impulse of bliss and energy, indicating a very clear yes; or there is no response whatever, which indicates no. Over time, and with experience, she found that these answers were always correct.

Initially she attributed this ability to being a particularly strong form of intuition. “It is as if all the uncertainty surrounding any question has been stripped away and the answer becomes clear as day”, says Elisabeth.

Gradually it became obvious to her that more than just individual intuition was involved in this process. “I was getting answers that I could never have come to by myself,” says Elisabeth. “I became curious about the source of these answers and began questioning the process itself. A personality started making its presence felt, which I now understand to be a Jyotish goddess or Devata presiding over the teaching of Jyotish or divine insight.”

The Oracle

Elisabeth started using this psychic Oracle gift in both her Jyotish Astrology readings and her homeopathic practice. “Both disciplines deal with a lot of information, whether it be in the correct understanding of a patient’s pathology and deciding on the right remedy, or in the reading of a client’s Jyotish chart. In each case, the information presented can often be quite contradictory and bring up many complex issues. Making sense of that information and resolving these issues can be very time consuming,” according to Elisabeth.

She goes on to say, “This Oracle gift has become a short-cut for me. When deciding on a series of homeopathic remedies for a patient, I no longer need a long medical history and I no longer need to read through texts detailing the effects of each remedy. I just see the patient, or hear their voice, and the remedies they need and their potency and combinations come to me in seconds. I don’t even need them to tell me what is wrong. I’ve found I can do this over the phone or on Skype – the voice is enough.

“This in-tune sensitivity allows me to tell what a person needs and track the process of healing: knowing exactly what remedy is required, what potency is needed and when the remedy needs to be changed. These skills mean that I am able to prescribe quickly and completely and accurately. This health care approach is tailor-made to each patient – meeting their exact and current needs.”

The same holds true for her Jyotish Astrology readings. “Like every other astrologer, I need the client’s birth details – such as time, date and place of birth – and I need to draw up a chart and study it,” says Elisabeth. “The Oracle ability really comes into its own when I interpret the chart.

“Jyotish Astrology can often involve multiple charts and present the astrologer with many times more information that in the Western system of astrology. On the one hand, this can lead to great accuracy in prediction of future events, on the other hand it can result in such an array of complex information that too many possibilities of future events can present themselves to the practicing Jyotishi.

“This Oracle gifts allows me to accurately select from the multitude of possible futures the one that will manifest in a person’s life. I just ask the question and the truth reveals itself.”

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