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Purple Deva of Rhaeadr Nantcol Waterfalls

On our way down to St David's, Pembrokeshire, we stayed overnight at a B&B in Llanbedr and before we left, I had a feeling to visit the local Rhaeadr Nantcol waterfalls. At the falls I saw a Deva three times the size of a tree. It is male, human in shape, purple in colour and many many thousands of years old. He has no mother or father, [...]

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Homeopathy: An effective approach to alternative healthcare

Many people are looking for an effective health care system, which is natural and safe. Have you heard of homeopathy? Did you know it’s the second largest system of healthcare in the world? Homeopathy is a holistic approach which is highly effective because it works with the innate healing power of the individual. Tip-Top Tip: First day back at the gym after a long break? About to [...]

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Krishna and the Iron Pillar of Delhi mystery

Having remained rust-free for at least 1,600 years, the Iron Pillar of Delhi is a major historical mystery. My husband showed me a video about this strange phenomenon and asked me to investigate. I’m not that familiar with Indian history but, despite a rather unlikely conclusion made by the commentator, the video aroused my curiosity and started me on a series of psychic readings. Apart from the [...]

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Stonehenge: A ‘Nightingale Hospital’ for an ancient pandemic?

Could Stonehenge have originally been a healing centre, built to combat the 'Coronavirus (COVID-19)' pandemic of its time? Not far from the famous Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England, are the remains of a woodhenge - a wooden circular structure, that was built around the same time. In fact there is evidence that a structure similar to Woodhenge may have stood at the centre of Stonehenge before the great [...]

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UK Coronavirus reading for April and May

The conjunction and eclipses which occurred last Christmas were the seeds of the present Coronavirus pandemic. Here is the reading I made at the time. 'This conjunction can be taken as a major landmark. Everything has come full circle and a new stage of the journey begins for the world. There will be an increase in clarity and spiritual growth. We will begin to see where we have [...]

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Coronavirus: Peace and Happiness is on the Horizon

This is my reading on Coronavirus and the present worldwide situation. Nature wants to protect itself with the coronavirus. It is asserting itself. It wants to create peace and justice, stability and freedom. Do not fear the potential outcomes. An emergence of peace and happiness is on the horizon. Nature is abrasive, honest, critical and prepared to take any steps to manifest her desires. It has no [...]

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Prince Charles and the monsters of fear, slander and malice

In my reading for Prince Charles, I see him in danger of becoming a possible scapegoat for the present troubles surrounding the Royal Family. The monster of fear. Trouble, strife, and conflict surrounds you. You may feel bullied by someone who you see as arrogant and overbearing, Your conscious thoughts are about how you could show how you feel. You're not afraid to express your emotions but [...]

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The Queen must trust her instincts in these difficult times

The new role that Harry and Meghan have proposed for themselves has rocked the rest of the Royal Family. Here is my reading for the Queen in this difficult time: So many choices, so much confusion!! You will be receiving all sorts of well-meaning advice that just confuses you all the more. In these situations you just need to trust your intuition and instincts. You must keep [...]

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What Meghan wants, Meghan gets?

The recent decision by Prince Harry and Meghan to seemingly become semi-detatched Royals has astonished the world. I decided to do a reading for them to get an insight into what is going on. Prince Harry's reading: Turmoil and upset has rocked your world. This is not an easy time for you. You could be relying on others a little more than you should be at this [...]

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Combination of cosmic forces rarer than hens’ teeth!

Six planets in Sagittarius and a solar eclipse - Quite a Christmas present! From 25th to 28th of December there will be a six planet conjunction in the sign of Sagittarius - Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Ketu and Sun are going to be joined by the Moon. There will also be a solar eclipse on 26th December. Saggitarius is a fire sign and represents creative forces. With this [...]

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