A time of Fire and Water – a debilitating mixture for the world

The other day I started feeling out of sorts, so I decided to look at what was happening in the heavens. According to Jyotish astrology, from June 22nd until Aug 9th Mars transits the sign of Cancer. What does this mean and what influence will this transit have? Mars is a fire planet and Cancer is a watery sign and [...]

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The tragedy of Christopher Marlowe’s ‘real’ death

Following on for my article, 'Were Shakespeare’s plays written by Marlowe?', I decided to do a psychic reading on Christopher Marlowe's actual death in Italy. In the previous article I explained that through my psychic readings, I found that Christopher Marlowe, playwright and spy, was the actual author of the Shakespearian plays and sonnets, and William Shakespeare acted as a [...]

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Were Shakespeare’s plays written by Marlowe?

I was asked by a friend to use my oracle skills to find out who was the real Shakespeare. Like others, he has doubts that William Shakespeare of Stratford-upon-Avon wrote the works attributed to him. The readings and Oracle insights, led me to conclude that: the writer of the sonnets and plays attributed to Shakespeare was actually Christopher Marlowe [...]

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Psychic insight into Britain’s next Prime Minister

Boris Johnson His unorthodox upside down view of life expresses a change of perspective. Old ways of thinking are put aside. Rewards and creativity crown his endeavours. However there is a negative situation over which he has no control, such as being out of kilter with different aspects of his life, poor handling of a volatile situation or [...]

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What can Jyotish tell us about Harry and Meghan’s baby, Archie?

Let's have a look at the Jyotish chart of the new royal baby. What combinations can we see that show his royal status? There are many unusual planetary influences at the moment, which makes his chart very interesting to look at (see below). So, I will be writing a series of articles about the chart of Prince Harry and Meghan [...]

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A new French Revolution?

The French “culture war”, the yellow vest protestors and the fire at Notre Dame, all seem to exemplify the current incendiary mixture of planetary influences. Could this herald the start of a new French Revolution? Super-rich donations cause anger Following the near destruction of Notre Dame, French billionaires, such as LVMH owner Bernard Arnault, pledged hundreds of millions to [...]

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Jyotish insights into the Notre Dame fire

The Notre Dame fire, the Sri Lanka and Northern Ireland violence – how long will these unwelcome events last? The recent fire in Notre Dame and the outbreaks of mindless violence in Sri Lanka and Derry are the sorts of events which are expected when you have the close conjunction of two natural malefic planets, Saturn and Ketu, in [...]

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