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Water Deva at the Catlow Well, Lancashire

On Saturday 28 December 2019, I visited the Catlow well, situated east of Nelson, Lancashire, a hundred yards from the Shooters Arms Inn on Southfield Lane. On a map, I had surveyed a number of historical wells and springs around this area of Lancashire and this one stood out as being special. I sensed a water spirit or Deva here and wanted to find out more. The [...]

The tragedy of Christopher Marlowe’s ‘real’ death

Following on for my article, 'Were Shakespeare’s plays written by Marlowe?', I decided to do a psychic reading on Christopher Marlowe's actual death in Italy. In the previous article I explained that through my psychic readings, I found that Christopher Marlowe, playwright and spy, was the actual author of the Shakespearian plays and sonnets, and William Shakespeare acted as a his frontman. Due to his publicly voiced [...]

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Were Shakespeare’s plays written by Marlowe?

I was asked by a friend to use my oracle skills to find out who was the real Shakespeare. Like others, he has doubts that William Shakespeare of Stratford-upon-Avon wrote the works attributed to him. The readings and Oracle insights, led me to conclude that: the writer of the sonnets and plays attributed to Shakespeare was actually Christopher Marlowe Christopher Marlowe was gay his ‘pub brawl’ [...]

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