Six planets in Sagittarius and a solar eclipse – Quite a Christmas present!

From 25th to 28th of December there will be a six planet conjunction in the sign of Sagittarius – Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Ketu and Sun are going to be joined by the Moon. There will also be a solar eclipse on 26th December.

Saggitarius is a fire sign and represents creative forces. With this large gathering of planets in Sagittarius, there will be such an increase in creative energy that things may feel rather overwhelming.

What will this mean for the world?

This conjunction can be taken as a major landmark. Everything has come full circle and a new stage of the journey begins for the world.
There will be an increase in clarity and spiritual growth. We will begin to see where we have fallen short and how our words, actions, habits and thoughts have hindered our advancement.
Courage and stability are key at this stage. This conjunction will herald a time of radical change, which can lead to feelings of insecurity and overprotectiveness. Some will welcome such evolutionary changes but others will express stubbornness and suffer as the result of their inability to let go of the past or of current ways of living.