Predicting your year ahead

Businessman looking for the right way to successOne of Elisabeth Lenagh’s main specialities is using Jyotish Astrology to map out your coming year. Elisabeth also uses her psychic oracle gifts to enhance the accuracy of her yearly predictions.

A yearly predictive chart is best cast a month or two before your birthday. It will show you the main influences that will come during the year and the type of issues that are likely to appear in your life.

Like a weather forecast, this chart aids future planning. It allows you to spot opportunities and threats before they arise and gives you ample time to capitalise on opportunities and minimise threats.

After creating your yearly chart, Elisabeth will give you an online consultation (that usually lasts up to an hour), along with a comprehensive report.

Yearly Prediction: £150 (includes 1-hr consultation and printed report)

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What is Jyotish Astrology

Jyotish, or Vedic Astrology, draws a map of the universe for the moment and location you were born and is a profound tool for recognising your uniqueness, your talents and your purpose in life. It can not only tell who you are, why you’re here and where you are going, but can predict your future to a precise degree.

Jyotish is part of the unbroken Vedic tradition in India, which has been passed down for thousands of years.

Jyotish has a vast scope and range, but at its centre is the core idea that human existence is influenced by our birth on this planet at a particular time and location.

It places each of us at the centre of the cosmos and studies the influence of the movement of the planets from our point of view, here on Earth.

Using key data about the time and place of your birth, a chart is plotted which acts as a blueprint for your whole experience of life. This chart is then used as the basis for the many techniques that Jyotish can employ. This information allows a skilled astrologer to focus on the key areas of our life, such as health, wealth, family life and occupation.

Jyotish studies you as a whole person and your uniqueness as an individual. The tools that it uses offer a high level of precision and predictive reliability.

Jyotish studies the cosmos and maps out the influences on your life to predict the future.