Up until September 9th is an interesting time for relationships between the sexes. Venus represents the feminine and Mars the masculine and both are together in the sign of Leo, according to Jyotish astrology. This conjunction means a lot of cosmic focus on male/female relationships.

At the same time, the Sun is also sitting in Leo and will add its own influence. The Sun feels comfortable in Leo, as it’s actually in its own house. Leo is a fire sign and this placement is characterised by innovation. As he is a friend of the Sun, Mars is a welcome visitor to Leo, but Venus and the Sun don’t get on, and this will add a certain tension within the group.

Cosmic influence on each of us

This Venus/Mars/Sun conjunction can have positive and/or negative influences on each of us:

  • happy love relationships where the cosmic influence of the sun shines on you, bringing with it all its radiant benefits.
  • feelings of nostalgia where you may be living too much in the past. Perhaps you are missing easier times from more carefree days. This longing can lead you to loneliness and contraction, if not handled well.

Focused prediction based on your natal Moon

To get a more focused prediction of your relationships during this present transit, we need look at the position of the Moon at the time of your birth – this is called your natal moon.

Note: In Western astrology, the position of the Sun at the time of your birth, is used as our main reference point. We tend to say, “I’m a Leo” or “I’m a Virgo”. In Jyotish astrology the Moon represents the mind, so the position of your natal Moon is considered more important.

To help you see what influences are going to predominate in your relationship, the present article will be added to every day over the next 12 days.

The moon governs your emotions and so is central to any relationship. We are going to look closely at this Venus/Mars transit from every Moon sign in turn.

If you don’t know your Natal Moon sign, email me with your date of birth (with time and place if available), and I will let you know. Or fill in the sidebar form.

Moon in Aries: Stubbornness – master your emotions

Stubborn Couple on a Sofa

What does a Venus/Mars/Sun planetary conjunction in Leo mean if your Natal Moon is in Aries?

Here Leo is the fifth house and at the point, represents the emotional nature. The challenge here is one of innovation in terms of new ideas and levels of feeling.

There can be a certain stubbornness and resistance to change, which can manifest when one person is holding onto their own viewpoint to the degree that they will not consider another.

It can describe a situation where someone (usually a male) is not opening up about his feelings and holding them inwards without giving anything away. For a couple in a relationship it all boils down to something or someone having to give before things can go forward and be resolved.

It can also describe a state of mind represented by the more sensitive and gentle aspects of the masculine archetype, wisdom, tolerance and diplomacy. It speaks of getting a better understanding of your emotions without becoming overpowered by them.

Moon in Taurus: Isolation – A time to withdraw

Sunrise Meditation

What does it mean if your Natal Moon is in Taurus? Here Leo is the fourth house and represents the heart during this time.

  • It can bring about major changes for which you are ill-prepared, and you may stubbornly resist these changes.
  • It represents the ending of a particular cycle. You may be called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice, in the form of giving up something, or someone, that you’ve been clinging to for far too long.
  • It may not be a happy transition, but you may have to accept that the very thing you’ve clung to is the one that’s been holding you back.
  • It’s more about leaving behind something that probably wasn’t working for you anyway and moving toward something that you’re naturally more aligned with.
  • Letting go of past pain allows you to embrace the next phase of your life wholeheartedly.

This is a time to withdraw and to take a break from relationships. It represents time alone, to reflect on your own personal life, your truth, and your path. No one can help you figure out your path but you. You will need to step outside your usual circle of friends and family to process your experiences. You may seek this higher wisdom from another individual.

It is not an indicator that love will never happen for you. Instead, it is telling you to learn to love yourself in solitude. When we love ourselves fully, we give others permission to love us fully.

There can be a more positive side of things with the appearance of something new in your life. It indicates that life is about to take a turn for the better, and when it does so it will happen quickly.

Communications issues

Venus is the Lord of Taurus. If your Natal Moon is in Taurus this means that Venus represents you as an individual.

Right now, Venus is placed in Leo, whose innate energy is quick and swift. What this means is that you need to be careful and deliberate with your words and actions, when it comes to relationships or when dealing with work colleagues. If something is only half understood by others or not fully discussed, then problems will arise further down the track.

Moon in Gemini: What becomes of the broken hearted?

Sad girl draws a heart on the window in the rain

What does it mean for those with their Moon in Gemini, when Venus, Mars and the Sun are together in Leo?

Here Leo is the third house and represents communication skills for you at this time. This may spell out heartache due to betrayal or the failure of a romance.

If there are negative influences that have been in your life for too long, this is a good time to prepare yourself for some kind of acknowledgement and release. Perhaps you are in an on-off relationship or a passionate obsessive affair that fails to develop into anything long-standing or secure. Life is about choices, options and free will. We learn by living with the consequences of the choices we make.

The key issue is how you cope with loss. Nature is nudging you to follow a new path. You are being encouraged to flow in this new energy and to enjoy the speed and the exhilaration.

Use the energy to fuel positive change. You are on this path now to overcome old emotional issues that you may not have been able to resolve. The moment has come for you to define where you stand. If you are open and remain centred, misunderstandings will be cleared.

On a practical level, it indicates that you feel energized emotionally and physically. A new start and wonderful new energy and opportunities surround you. There are likely to be new opportunities involving friendships and romances which may suddenly appear in your life. You might be ready to let your hair down, reinvent yourself, or throw away the old part of you that was not really living life.

Moon in Cancer: Stability and Celebrations – Lucky you!

Friends celebrating, toasting with champagne

What will this period bring if your Moon is in Cancer? Here Leo is the second house and at the moment it represents your values in life.

The keynote is success and happiness! This is a fortuitous position for people who are starting out on a new relationship. As you bask in this expansive energy, you connect with the Sun, a universal source of illumination. There is a feeling around that everything is going your way. Although this can relate to any area of your life, romance may be around the corner for you.

There is a sensitive, nurturing male energy here. Someone who is always willing to help those who ask for advice or direction. It also indicates someone who has the ability to sweep you off your feet and be a great romantic. Or maybe you’re seeing results in another area — as in a relationship that’s showing signs of renewal.

There is much to look forward to with of an expansion of your lifestyle. It is an ideal time to organize celebrations to enjoy the company of friends and family. You are able to nurture your loving relationships with others and bring wisdom and abundance into the lives of the people around you.

Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses. It’s ok to step back and admire all of your efforts, knowing that they continue to gather momentum even if you decide to take a break.

Moon in Leo: A strong-willed man with a plan – Remembering the past

Leo Moon

What does this time mean for people with the Moon in Leo? Here Leo is the first house and represents the personality. Stubbornness and willpower are keynotes.

There is a very goal-oriented energy exhibited here. This is often found with a man who is a bit of a workaholic. He works with determination and precision, sometimes to the detriment of others around him. Rarely taking a moment to rest or pause himself, he has no time for rebellious irresponsibility or petulance from others.

He represents strong, powerful and authoritative men who may need to remember that it’s important to temper that with kindness and compassion. It can also describe a man in your life (or someone new coming in) who embodies these qualities. He views his work as a means to an end in setting the foundation for other areas of his life. This includes relationships. Yet passion and joy may perhaps have been overlooked.

If he is in your life then you may be excused for feeling as if you come second to his work. You are being reminded that you need to start being direct with your feelings and wants.

This period can also bring quiet moments of nostalgia that tend to take us back in time. These types of feelings can show up when we hear a certain song. This may evoke past loves that left a mark on your life or perhaps an old love affair may be rekindled. You may reminisce with old friends. Now may be a good time to plan a recreational social or peaceful interlude.

It’s important to remember the inner child who still exists within you. If carried too far, however it can leave you emotionally trapped, living in the past and unable to welcome in new people and opportunities.

Moon in Virgo: Wilful Materialism or Joyful Union

Couple drinking milk shake

If your Moon is in Virgo, what does it mean for you? Here Leo is the twelfth house and at the present time, represents expenditure and compromise.

This predicts a love commitment such as an engagement marriage or other union. Also new beginnings and budding romances. Here is a man who knows his own mind. The energy of Mars is very much a part of his nature with a strength of will and stubbornness which leaves no room for subtlety or nurturing qualities. He knows what he wants and goes after it so if he has his sights set on you then watch out for he is a pursuer and leader.

It also identifies the need for compromise to achieve a harmonious balance. Reconciliations in which agreements are reached harmoniously. A healthy relationship is something that is built by two people and it takes time. So, if you have found that you have a connection with someone, allow enough time to deepen things.

Alternatively mild boredom or lassitude as a new dissatisfaction is creeping into the relationship. You may be involved in a perfectly functional relationship that lacks the thrill and excitement of something new, or if you’re single you may be feeling apathetic about the prospects that are out there for you. It’s time to rediscover your romance.

Ask yourself if you’ve been too self-absorbed and too caught up in your own reverie to bother putting in any real effort. Whether this means working on the relationship you have or finding a new partner, you’ll have to pull yourself out of the doldrums if you want to see results.

Alternatively, a relationship may have become imprisonment rather than liberation. A damaging imbalance of opposites or the head completely overruling the heart. A materialistic mindset. There is a certain wilfulness in this sort of behaviour.

You might need to look at the ways you’ve given up your own personal power. It could be physical as in an involvement in an unbalanced or dysfunctional relationship, or it could be psychological as in being consumed by unhealthy emotions.

Moon in Libra: Domestic Goddess on a journey

Happy couple on the beach

If your Moon is in Libra? what will this time bring to your relationships. Here Leo is the eleventh house and represents large groups and friends.

You are about to take on a new direction, personally, emotionally, and also physically.

If you feel like getting away from it all you are in luck as there may be opportunities to travel abroad. It’s very easy to become stagnant in familiar surroundings. Exploring new places is a great way to introduce new energy into your life. Reaching out to people who nourish you also helps.

A time to be practical and resourceful with your plans. There is a feminine archetype here who is represented by a woman who is an astute business person and lover of life. She uses her wealth wisely, showing her affection in terms of gifts and patronage. She is a great nurturer and provider. She knows the true value of money lies beyond mere physical affluence. She represents security and a sense of “home”, both material and domestic comfort. Take a moment to recognize the beauty and luxury around you. Surround yourself in the things that you love. Time to bask in the happiness of receiving well-deserved rewards .

This is also an auspicious time for creative partnerships and friendships. It foretells a strong mutual connection There may be a prickling at the back of your neck at the freshness and vitality a new relationship brings you.

Just a note of caution. There is a possibility that you are not in possession of all the facts where relationships are concerned. Information may not be passed on, or the truth is twisted. Avoid reacting without thinking.

Moon in Scorpio: Fairness and Sentimentality

Busy dad ignore child

If you are born with the Moon in Scorpio what will this time bring for your relationship? Here Leo is the tenth house and represents fame.

Striking the right balance between your personal life and work can be hard to achieve, so take advantage of this harmonious time to form some good habits.

Impatience may get the better of you. Remember that what you put out will come back to you, This might be an indication that you are spending all your time at work and neglecting your relationships with others. Your challenge will be finding a way to balance your dedication to your work with outside obligations and responsibilities. You can’t afford to neglect those who are nearest and dearest while you focus on honing your skills. Ensure that you are giving both parts of your life as much attention and energy as needed.

Alternatively, this may speak of a kind romantic individual who is highly intuitive and sensitive to others and embodies a sort of ethereal magic. There is a sense of sadness here. Your first thoughts may be to dwell on the negativity of the situation you find yourself in. This may also have to do with unresolved issues from your past that might be affecting your emotional and spiritual health. You need to treat yourself kindly and compassionately.

Don’t get stuck in “what if’s”. Focus on what remains rather than dwell on what you have lost. Take heart as there is light at the end of the tunnel and now you must continue to move forward.

Moon in Sagittarius: Fun, Freedom and Control

Beautiful couple hugging and walking

What does it mean for people with the Moon in Sagittarius? Here Leo is the ninth house and represents luck and fortune.

This can refer to a dedicated and determined person whose ideas and plans are headed in the right direction. You are able to use your past skills and accomplishments well, to help you along the way. It may be money you need to launch your new plan off the ground.

This can also refer to a younger male at the beginning of his career who might choose not to conform to society’s expectations. With a youthful, fun-loving attitude and a dedication to his personal freedom he may appear to lack maturity.

Or typically a woman who is an arch-manipulator and a real slayer on a bad day. She can appear indifferent when dealing with other people or overall displays a lack of communication. She may be someone who has weathered her fair share of disappointments and doesn’t mince her words.

There are a couple of issues that come up. Excess and possible exhaustion could lead to poor health or depression. There is a moodiness here. Is there something you are suppressing or holding on to? This need to control has isolated you while the problem continues to fester inside.

A relationship has become imprisonment rather than liberation. There may be a clash between self-gratification and morality. Or perhaps a negative ancestral pattern is stunting your spirit. There is some kind of self-defeating pattern from which you should learn to release yourself. Perhaps you might be too focused on the material things in life.

Moon in Capricorn: Oppression from external forces

Ball and Chain on Businessman

What does it mean for people with the Moon in Capricorn? Here Leo is the eighth house and represents transformation.

This is a transitional phase. Here is a call to find strength in the balance between your emotions and intuitive abilities. Try to acknowledge the roots of any negative feelings or emotions.

Perhaps you have financial problems or you may feel like your life has been suspended in some way. You might experience a period of hanging around waiting for the outcome of a major decision over which you have little control and your responsibilities might seem particularly oppressive at the moment.

A practical man who is a good administrator but may at times appear remote. Your emotions are those of wanting to be alone and cutting yourself off from others, in an effort to conserve your strength and energy to get on with the task at hand. You can see how this may not work so well when it comes to your relationships. You need to realise that you can’t expect others to fall into line and always understand why you need to work 24/7.

On the flip side it can indicate someone who may be deceptive, manipulative or lost in fantasy. He needs to beware of taking on too much from those around him or getting lost in his own emotions. Opting for comfort rather than future pay-offs, he may turn to alcohol or other substances to escape life.

An intellectual woman who has experienced life’s ups and downs. When she is on your side she is extremely loyal and supportive. However on a bad day she can leave other people reeling from the sting of her sarcasm. She may be feeling taciturn, detached from her emotions and indifferent to other people. Perhaps she entered a relationship because of family or society pressures. Living a life where we are conforming to other peoples’ expectations can steal our souls and lead to immense loneliness, depression and illness.

Moon in Aquarius: A state of Denial

closed eyes, closed ears

What does it mean for people with the Moon in Aquarius? This time Leo is the seventh house and represents desire.

Indicates the end of a cycle. There is going to be a major, unexpected turn in your life for which you are ill-prepared. It’s possible you have taken a belief or lifestyle as far as you could and need to accept the rebirth that follows its ending. This closure can be related to a relationship that is no longer tenable. You may even thrive on false hope for a time to avoid the truth and resist the inevitable change. Perhaps you fear this change and feel you need to stay on your path because fear holds you back and keep you stagnated.

This situation may appear during difficult life challenges that are disastrous with the hurtful outcome of feeling betrayed. Perhaps there is deception in a partnership and a lack of trust or some kind of self-delusion or illusory mindset.

How we act and choose to respond to the circumstances of life directly influence our destinies. Think back: have you made any choices that are contributing to the present challenge? What patterns seem to be repeating in your life?

Moon in Pisces: Learning life lessons the hard way

closed eyes, closed ears

What does this period mean for people with the Moon in Pisces? Here Leo is the sixth house and represents disputes and employment.

A woman close to you may be having a destructive effect. She is the old fashioned ‘strong woman behind every successful man’. If crossed she will cool towards you very quickly and may become fiery, stubborn and uncompromising when things don’t go her way. She may place draining emotional demands on those closest to her.

Partnerships are emphasised here. Two heads are better than one – it’s always wise to bounce your ideas off another. You may also need to decide how to divide your energy between different projects or areas of your life. However look out for unreliable partners both in relationships and in business.

If you find you are having problems in a relationship you may not be seeing the other person’s point of view. The views and thoughts that are currently on your mind going around and around in circles are causing a retreat within that is probably not doing the relationship any favours.

You may have recently endured and illness or many sleepless nights. If there is an issue that is bothering you address it head on. It’s also important to stop worrying about the opinions of others. You need to be kinder to yourself.

There could be heartbreak due to the failure of a romance with all the turbulent emotions this implies. Perhaps you have suffered betrayal. A greater lesson will emerge out of the darkness.

It can also refer to unrequited love, or the realization that something you’d hoped for is just not going to pan out. It not only encourages you to take better care of your heart in the future but to recognize those feelings as powerful incentives to make other changes in your life.

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