Choosing the best time to take action

“There is a tide in the affairs of men, Which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune. Omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and in miseries.” – ‘Julius Caesar’, by William Shakespeare

Marriage ProposalTiming is everything and according to Jyotish Astrology:

  • Having your wedding on the right day and time will help promote a happier and more harmonious marriage
  • Applying for a job at the right time will increase the likelihood of a favourable outcome
  • Choosing the best starting time for a new business will bring greater success
  • Moving into a house at the right time will help increase peace, happiness, and prosperity for everyone who lives there.

Whenever you start an important event of your life, it is always best to select the right Muhurta in order to increase your “luck” and help remove potential obstacles to success.

Combining her psychic oracle gifts with her many years of experience in Jyotish astrology, Elisabeth Lenagh can choose the optimum date and time for whatever new venture you are planning.

Muhurta Service: £60 (per event)

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Times of Fortune

“Well begun is half done” is an old saying and Muhurta is that part of Jyotish Astrology which selects dates and times that bring good fortune for any new venture.

It selects periods of time when the energy of the planets and other astrological factors have the chance to bring the most fruitful results. Muhurta also helps avoid times when negative influence can upset and undermine our new venture.

Muhurta dates and times may be given for:

  • Starting a new job;
  • Starting a new business or partnership;
  • Starting a long or important journey;
  • Getting married;
  • Having surgery;
  • Buying or selling a house or vehicle;
  • Constructing a home or an office building;
  • Moving into a new home or office building.

Muhurta helps harmonise the forces or laws of nature that influence your life. It makes sure natural law works for you rather than against you and improves your chances of success.