On our way down to St David’s, Pembrokeshire, we stayed overnight at a B&B in Llanbedr and before we left, I had a feeling to visit the local Rhaeadr Nantcol waterfalls.

At the falls I saw a Deva three times the size of a tree. It is male, human in shape, purple in colour and many many thousands of years old. He has no mother or father, but is an aspect of the full Moon. Although this Deva is extremely old in our terms, in its own it is still relatively young.

I call him a water Deva as he has a powerful influence on the water flowing through the stream and falls.

The water is useful if you have:

  • anxiety and stress
  • feelings that you are trapped in a den of despair
  • depression
  • insomnia.

The water from these falls should not be drunk, but a large jar full can be added to a bath in which you can soak for up to an hour.

There is a carpark nearby and a campsite next to the stream that flows from the falls. There is a small fee to gain access to the path to the falls.

Postal Code: LL45 2PL
Map Reference: SH608267