Could Stonehenge have originally been a healing centre, built to combat the ‘Coronavirus (COVID-19)’ pandemic of its time?

Not far from the famous Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England, are the remains of a woodhenge – a wooden circular structure, that was built around the same time. In fact there is evidence that a structure similar to Woodhenge may have stood at the centre of Stonehenge before the great stone circle was erected.

My daughter became interested in the origins and purposes of such structures, so I conducted a psychic reading and following are my conclusions.

Woodhenge: A Neolithic Taj Mahal

The reading indicates that a great wooden structure predated and was later replaced by Stonehenge. It was built by a man to impress a women. It involved a superhuman effort which proved worthwhile, as the woman was very impressed and the couple were married.

Who was the man?

He was a charismatic man of action, a leader in his community.

Who was the women?

She belonged to a different community and was responsible for managing the finances for her people. She found the responsibility too much and the stress had made her ill. She was someone who made decisions depending on what her heart was telling her.

Stonehenge: A ‘Nightingale Hospital’ in a time of Plague.

Stonehenge was built in a time of upheaval brought about by a pandemic. This was some form of bubonic plague, which was rife in Europe at the time. Like the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic we are experiencing today, it was nature’s response to excessive materialism.

The building of this structure was organised by a married couple. The man was sick. They hoped that he would be healed, and that the rituals would restore balance to many people. The ceremony performed in Stonehenge was a healing ritual carried out by a religious leader. Although it was originally for the sake of an individual, it also involved a social group, so that many relatives might come together to heal one member of the family.

The man of the couple had his ceremony, although he later died of the plague. Unfortunately the ceremony had no healing validity, although it did have a spiritual value.