Following on for my article, ‘Were Shakespeare’s plays written by Marlowe?‘, I decided to do a psychic reading on Christopher Marlowe’s actual death in Italy.

In the previous article I explained that through my psychic readings, I found that Christopher Marlowe, playwright and spy, was the actual author of the Shakespearian plays and sonnets, and William Shakespeare acted as a his frontman. Due to his publicly voiced heretical pronouncements, Marlowe was about to be tried and almost certainly put to death. Thomas Walsingham, his patron, helped arrange his fake-death and exile to Italy, where he continued to write plays, but now under the pseudonym of William Shakespeare. Walsingham and his family continued to support Marlowe, but relationships became increasingly fraught, especially over money matters.

Here are the circumstances I found that surrounded Marlowe’s death in 1612:

  • The Walsingham family saw Marlowe as a disruptive influence, who exploited and abused their generosity.
  • The younger generation of Walsinghams particularly saw him as a dangerous, chaotic individual, driven purely by money.
  • His financial obsession led to dishonesty and he did not honour his debts.
  • He took a vengeful attitude towards those who questioned him or took him to task.
  • A crisis point was reached with the Walsinghams and they felt a major decision had to be made.
  • Thomas Walsingham still had a sense of responsibility towards Marlowe, but the younger generation felt differently, and the Walsingham family decided to withdraw their financial support.
  • Communications from the Walsinghams just stopped, which caused Marlowe to worry about how to pay his creditors.
  • Marlowe was bitterly disappointed and felt the Walsinghams had failed him.
  • Without their support he found himself juggling his dwindling finances and robbing Peter to pay Paul.
  • He was killed near Florence, Italy in 1612 by some of his creditors.