The conjunction and eclipses which occurred last Christmas were the seeds of the present Coronavirus pandemic. Here is the reading I made at the time.

‘This conjunction can be taken as a major landmark. Everything has come full circle and a new stage of the journey begins for the world.

There will be an increase in clarity and spiritual growth. We will begin to see where we have fallen short and how our words, actions, habits and thoughts have hindered our advancement.

Courage and stability are key at this stage. This conjunction will herald a time of radical change, which can lead to feelings of insecurity and overprotectiveness. Some will welcome such evolutionary changes but others will express stubbornness and suffer as the result of their inability to let go of the past or of current ways of living.’

Following is my reading for April and May

April: Confusion

Challenges on the horizon. Frustration. Setbacks. Projects languishing in limbo. Good possibilities come to nothing.

Disappointment – an imbalance of energies – those moments in life when you find yourself being emotionally challenged.

Materialism and a resistance to change. Are you spending too much time focusing on personal affluence?

Hoarding. Fear of poverty. We should be mindful of any decisions we make at this time. The material rewards and stability you crave eludes you. You may feel as if things are not moving forward. It might indicate a sense of helplessness as if you have very little control over a situation.

May: Denial

All-Endings: A forceful ruler has become a tyrant.

The stubbornness and a refusal to let go of the past and of current ways of living. This cycle is suffocating. Perceived complications concerning money may threaten to overwhelm you. This may be an indication that you are falling short.

Heavy challenges: There could be new anxiety about your ability to deal with enforced separation – this only magnifies your existing distress. Sacrifice. Heartache.

Defiance: Temptations. Choices. This might also indicate that we have unrealistic or illusory notions about what we can and cannot do. This feeds an unstable disconnect from reality. In the end we are faced with the consequences of our short-lived spurts of irresponsibility and grand illusions. This is also about choices and temptations, perhaps we are subconsciously disconnecting from the truth because we do not want to face it.

A sense of being overwhelmed.

Obsession: Self-love. It could be that there is some kind of dishonesty occurring. Gossip.

Self pity: Change. Letting go of past pain and old ways. An investment in the past which has held you back may be taken from you, forcing you to look to the future. You may stubbornly resist this.

Loss: of solvent business activity.

Disappointment in career.

An inner survival mode kicks in: Impatience and aggression.

This is a time of transformation.