What do an exalted Sun and an exalted Venus mean for Meghan and Prince Harry’s newborn, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor?

The Sun represents authority and governments, but which authority and which government? Like any American who has lived in the US in the last five years, Meghan automatically passes on citizenship to her son. This means the prince is both a US and a UK citizen.

According to my Jyotish Astrology reading of Archie’s chart, it seems there is unhappiness and worry concerning finances. Perceived complications concerning money may even seem overwhelming right now. There is an urgent need to simplify matters and pay attention to detail.

What is in Archie’s chart that suggests this:

  • His lagna or rising sign is Aries, which is ruled by Mars.
  • Mars is placed in the 2nd house, Taurus.
  • The 2nd house governs finances and Venus is the lord of this house.
  • The ascendant lord Mars placed in the 2nd house show that finances are an issue.
  • The 2nd lord Venus is placed in Pisces which is the 12th house of expenses.
  • Pisces is the sign where Venus is exalted.

Balancing accountsSince in Archie’s case, there is no lack of money involved, the most likely reason for any unhappiness and worry is that the US is one of a small number of countries which requires its citizens, even if they live abroad, to pay US taxes. This is a thorny problem for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, since even birthday gifts may need to be accounted for. There is a need to balance the books and temper finances.

Can a compromise be reached?

With an exalted Sun in the lagna, justice and balance are key elements in the chart. A settlement is about to be negotiated. Ultimately there will be triumph over all obstacles, particularly in the form of a favourable legal decision.

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