On Saturday 28 December 2019, I visited the Catlow well, situated east of Nelson, Lancashire, a hundred yards from the Shooters Arms Inn on Southfield Lane.

On a map, I had surveyed a number of historical wells and springs around this area of Lancashire and this one stood out as being special. I sensed a water spirit or Deva here and wanted to find out more.

The day was cold and overcast, but there was little wind and it remained dry. There was very little traffic on the road, and it was easy to park close to the well.

The excellent megalithic.co.uk site provides a page with a description, map reference link and photos of the well. The site said the well had been restored by a local man in the 1980s and most of the photos show it as well-maintained. Now it is rather overgrown, yet the water from the nearby hill that flows through it, seems fresh and clean.

Catlow Well

Catlow Well images from megalithic.co.uk

Whenever I meet a Deva, I like to take an offering and knew that in this case, honey would be the most appropriate. I did my obeisance to the Deva and offered a spoonful of the honey, which it appreciated.

It came to me that this water Deva is male and associated with the sign of Leo. He has kingly, strong, protecting and healing qualities. This Deva is old – very, very old indeed – but by no means decrepit and his influence is strong.

The effect of the Deva on the water

The resolving of difficulties under firm administration.

Problems the water helps with:

  • Helps those who are caught up in nostalgia and are unable to let go of the past. It helps them open up to new opportunities.
  • Helps when there is deception in love. There may be desire in the one deceived to have all their wishes granted and are sold out to romance and to the ideal of love. As a result, they may suffer a blindness or denial of an underlying truth about the one they love. They are being cheated and do not see it. The water will help remove this illusion.
  • Good for feeling stuck or frustrated because life seems fraught with constant challenges.