The recent decision by Prince Harry and Meghan to seemingly become semi-detatched Royals has astonished the world. I decided to do a reading for them to get an insight into what is going on.

Prince Harry’s reading:

  • Prince Harry speakingTurmoil and upset has rocked your world. This is not an easy time for you.
  • You could be relying on others a little more than you should be at this time, and perhaps being too shy. You need to be a little more independent, otherwise your loved ones may end up feeling smothered and overwhelmed by you.
  • You are concentrating on short-term returns only, and not looking at the bigger picture, which could lead to lost opportunities.
  • Looking at ‘get rich quick’ schemes could lead to financial loss.
  • Troubled by mixed emotions and confusion, you may doubt that what you are doing is right for you.
  • You are clearly head over heels in love with Meghan.
  • You may have asked a friend for help and advice recently, concerning a particular conflict of interest that is troubling you.
  • You are turning away from potentially good opportunities and are living in a dream world with unrealistic expectations that will get you nowhere.
  • You see yourself as trying to cut through problems and difficulties and find a way of changing things for the better.
  • Others see you as easily triggered and aggressive.
  • Do not allow a woman who is close to you, to be over-protective and bossy.

Meghan’s reading:

  • Meghan MarkleYou could experience some unpredictable events at this time or perhaps you are the one behaving unpredictably!!
  • There is an indication here that you will suddenly be inspired by a great idea or thought, which may even lead to you moving home or travelling at short notice. It would be wise though, to weigh up the pros and cons of your actions, as this impulsive behaviour may burn your bridges and cause problems for you later.
  • What is blocking or going against you is frustration and a feeling of being trapped by your circumstances.
  • Your conscious thoughts are about about trust – or more specifically the lack of trust. The implication is that someone could take something from you (something you’ve ascribed a false sense of value to), which prompts you to hold on even more tightly – or hide it away.
  • You are ready to walk away from the past because of the hurt it has caused.
  • You’ve fallen head over heels in love with Harry!
  • It may be that events in your life are causing you to question your values and you may feel that more traditional values and morals are important to you. There is a seriousness here related to the implications of your marriage. It is the “contract” you have entered into.
  • A friend may have tried to give you advice about this relationship; it would have been wise to listen.
  • Be sure you don’t try and relive the past, or be overly nostalgic – do keep a grip on reality and the present moment.
  • You are going through a very stressful time with little or no time to relax and enjoy yourself. You may be juggling some very volatile factors in your life in an attempt to keep some harmony.
  • Others see you as stressed and tired from the burden of your work load and responsibilities, and yet they have little pity for you as they feel you are your own worst enemy. They think if you simply put some trust in your colleagues or family perhaps, and delegated some of your responsibilities, you could relieve much of the pressure you have put yourself under.
  • You hope to move home!
  • You hope the new opportunities in your life will bring the joy and satisfaction you’ve been looking for.